School of Wellness

Introducing docMIKE’s self help concept: The School of Wellness

Health is the natural result of someone doing more of the RIGHT things and less of the WRONG things. Learn to self-manage your health with positive and correct information. Sickness is the natural result of someone doing more of the WRONG things and less of the  RIGHT things. Illness comes to those who live a default mode, the path of least effort.

STEP 1: Complete this FORM to receive notifications. Becoming a student of docMIKE’s blog is a sure fire pathway to self-education, a way to self-discovery and to self empowerment.

STEP 2: Register with docMIKE and because he likes to stay in touch with and encourage his students. Fill out this form and then scroll down for additional instructions.

STEP 3: Complete this STUDENT LOG of your weekly readings and actions.

a) Blog Topics reads
b) Action taken
c) Results

You will want to be equally knowledgeable in each of these 5 Category(ies):
a) Personal Wellness Coaching
b) Nutritional Health,
c) Fitness Health
d) Chiropractic, spine Health and
e) Product review and become familiar with the one(s) that appeal to you.

Every week you will complete the log and tabulate your accumulating studies. When you feel you have mastered that category topic go to the Ask docMIKE section and submit your request for certification. A category-specific test will be sent to you to complete and return for scoring. (All communications from “Ask docMIKE” reach docMIKE personally and are confidential.)

STEP 4: Certificates of Accomplishment
– Tests will be sent to you when you are ready for each selected category
– Prepare your thesis report (sample format to be available HERE later)

STEP 5: Graduating as a Natural Health Counselor or Health Coach represents that one has become a personal testimony of a transformed individual with a newly learned philosophy. docMIKE’s School of Wellness  requires that students demonstrate their transformation and personal success story. This is done by writing their personal story in a thesis format as the basis to be awarded their certifications



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  • Reply
    Marlene & Dave Evangelista
    02/16/2015 at 8:04 pm

    Hi docMIKE
    Praying this will find you & your family well by God’s unlimited favors and grace!
    We are truly are truly grateful to God to witness the fruits of your labor!
    We feel so proud to be your prayer partners thru these years.
    We deeply appreciate your faithfulness in pursuing your dreams to help more Filipinos live well!
    Keep up the good work in the Lord!!!
    Sending our love,
    Evangelista family

  • Reply
    10/31/2015 at 6:15 pm

    hello there.. I just wanted to know, how can someone become a chiropractor?

    • Reply
      11/02/2015 at 2:44 pm

      Dear Donald,
      The Chiropractor is a 1st professional degree holder, same as Dentistry, Optometry and medicine. You need a Bachelor degree majoring in Science then you undergo a 4 year post graduate study in a chiropractic college. We have no such school in the Philippines at this time and a study abroad costs most Filipino families around P10M for these last 4 years training. Chiropractors provide an unduplicated “whole health” service to the community; and we are fortunate to have even the few that are here in the Philippines.

      If you find that impossible to achieve, then perhaps becoming an Alternative Health Counselor may be just the right way to serve mankind. The Alternative Health Counselor program is our partial solution to training good people into natural health services, after 100 Hours of certification, to help people change their lifestyles in a positive way, to such a degree that they avoid sickness and disease… in some way acting as Community Health Workers. Look for the docMIKEblog’s School of Wellness tab above. docMIKE

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