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Fitness Focus – Baseball Injury Helped by Chiropractic

When Chicago White Sox minor-league Greg Shepard remembers his life-altering sports injury in 2000 where he slammed into the left center field wall chasing a fly ball, let’s say his words are simple: “The wall won.” The next morning, Shepard woke up virtually paralyzed. “I couldn’t lift my body out of bed, turn my head or move my right arm,” says Shepard. Naturally, his wife at the time wanted to rush him to the emergency room straight-away. But Shepard had something else in mind. “I…

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Fitness Focus – Basketball Injuries Helped by Chiropractic

Clearly, a sport that requires tremendous power and speed will lend itself to injuries. And so it is with basketball. In fact, if you go by sheer number alone, basketball is the most injure-prone sport of any in the nation – with the latest 2010 data from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission showing its 528,584 reported injuries, topping even football’s 489,676. Sidelining hoopsters were everything from back spasm to sprained ankles. That explains why many professional teams – across…

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Fitness Focus – Thera-Band Rubber Tubing Exercises

Many of my chiropractic patients suffer with shoulder and other extremity problems; which are present in addition or in part as the result of their spine and nerve conditions; such as spinal misalignments and related nerve entrapment or irritation. I am placing this Thera-Band Instructional Manual on my blog to refer my patients to this manual and to promote general rehabilitative health to our community. If you liked this post, say thanks by sharing it! Follow…

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Exercise to avoid Diabetes

In the past 30 years, the prevalence of Diabetes Type 2 has skyrocketed to an epidemic level in the western world and Asia is not far behind. The WHO predicts that by the year 2020 fifty percent (50%) of Filipinos will be at risk of Diabetes type 2. What is causing the surge is not what you think; it’s not too much sugar or carbohydrates in the diet, but that is the second factor. PHYSICAL INACTIVITY is the principal reason…

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Food Allergies to Milk

The Welling family hired an Asian maid who ended up having food allergies. The maid began to complain of stomach cramps and headaches being exposed to a more Western diet that included ice-cream and other dairy products. They took her to the Naturopathic Doctor and found that she was lactose intolerant and he advised her to stay away from dairy foods. So they cut out all dairy products and let her eat more fish and rice like she was used…

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Food Allergies to Chicken

Mary Welling had been noticing skin patches on her daughter Anna. These have shown up from time to time but Ana’s been eating a lot more chicken lately and they wondered if there was a connection. Chicken allergy is the body’s adverse reaction after eating chicken and allergic reactions to chicken meat are rare but they do present themselves with this history. If you liked this post, say thanks by sharing it! Follow…

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The 5 Ws of Health & Wellness

Even though people are doing many things to improve their wellness, they still take their body places and do things with it that gets them sick.  This BLOG is a very useful self-contained program that can be used by small groups (class, church, clubs ,etc.) to undertake a group support type of wellness workshop. You can do it! If you liked this post, say thanks by sharing it! Follow…

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Happy 1st Anniversary docMIKE Blog! What is a perfect 10? Well, for me, its being on top of my game. It’s being able to face everyday with the energy I need to care for each patient on an individual basis. As a chiropractor my daily routines are quite physical, realigning spines, and also less physical but quite mental/intellectual in counselling my patients regarding their physical limitations. It is also getting involved with wellness counselling that brings my patients up a…

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