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April 2013

Spinal Health Wellness, general

Pain is Your Friend

Before we start on this subject let me explain that, although we refer to emotional suffering as pain, it is really suffering. Nerve Ending Pain is a physical thing but did you ever think that physical pain could be your friend? Well, if you think about it, we guess in some ways right? Therefore only seeking to make the pain go away without fixing the problem behind the pain raises issues of reasonable concern. What I am saying is that…

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Nutritional Health Wellness, general

About Fruits and Vegetables

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) says: “Eat more fruits and vegetables.” You’ve likely heard this statement since childhood but when we ask people they confess that they only half listened since they just eat more fruit. To get the correct point across governments should amend the message to “Eat more vegetables and some fruit.” Why? Fruits are digested into simple sugars that can still contribute to obesity. Shocked? When the rate of obesity has increased 300% over the past 30 years there must be…

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Personal Coaching Wellness, general


This blog comes from my professional coach of 20 years, Dr. Jim Naccarato of Lake Tahoe, USA. and email: Somethings are said so plainly that it is worth repeating, word for word. We all deal with stress every day. It is a useful emotion that helps us keep up with our busy lives and motivates us to do better. Too much stress however, can be destructive, unhealthy, and distracting. The possibility of an underlying medical condition must be ruled…

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