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March 2013

Personal Coaching

Wellness Reflections: Do You Ignore or Procrastinate Too Much?

It is said that the things that you ignore are the things that you lose in your life. Its true ! You ignore your friends and they disappear. You ignore exercising and your musclesĀ disappear. You ignore your waist line and it too disappears! šŸ˜‰ lolĀ  You ignore the things that are important and they will vanish simply because your focus is somewhere else and attrition is a natural consequence of the forces of life. Isn’t it time you focused on…

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Wellness, general

“Should I use Heat or Ice?”

A very common question I hear from patients and people around the community is: “Should I use Heat or Ice?” The best way to answer that is to give it the perspective as a first aid tool and also by explaining the physiology of inflammation. First Aid makes us typically think of bandages and pain medication but there is one First Aid tip that comes up so often that its worth repeating. “USE ICE” and if you are in doubt…

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Fitness Health Personal Coaching

How Active are You?

How active are you? When ever we are engaged in physical activities there is a positive health benefit; especially if the activity is repeated to increase skills and eventually personal enjoyment and satisfaction. People eventually suffer a growing list of health problems because they just never get around to developing a physicaly active lifestyle. ā€œThings are the way things are because of the way things have been. Things need proper change for things to get better.ā€ docMIKE Reports state that…

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Chiropractic Spinal Health

Chiropractic Focus – Spinal Discs (Back/Neck Pains with Leg/Arm Pain)

Slipped Disc with Pinched Nerve

Life is Great! As long as you have the strength and energy to undertake all the challenges that life places on your shoulders and spine. Eighty percent (80%) of the population will suffer from crippling lower back pain at some time in their life. So it is expected that some people will suffer an uncomplicated episode and other a much more complicated scenario is taking place, such as a slipped disc. Back pains come from inflamed soft tissues such as…

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Nutritional Health Wellness, general

Metabolic Syndrome and Diabetes

Ever notice how people seem to get fatter with age and that people also become Diabetic after a certain age? If this happens in your family itā€™s kind of expected that you will follow the same fate. Sadly, this is an entirely volunteer situation. What am I saying? I am saying that it is incorrect to assume that as you get older you just naturally get fatter and sicker. (That should be welcome news!) Researchers have been mentioning for a…

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Personal Coaching Wellness, general

Are You a Perfect 10?

Wellness is the pursuit of health lost. While someone may not be actually sick they are likely still unwell. Take a personal self assessment of your health. On a scale of one (1) to ten (10) where would you say your health is at present? Begin by determining if you are above a five (5) or below a five (5); then refine it a little better and say how much above or below would you say you really are? Now…

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