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10 Essential Body Systems – Neurological

1. Neurological Body systems are a group of tissues and organs that are designed to work together to make the body work in specific ways. Some organs are part of more than one system when they serve more than one function. Since all systems are necessary for sustainable life we refer to them as Essential Systems. We will look at each system in a separate blog over the next months in chiropractic terms so our readers can see the connection…

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Complaining – an emotional cancer habit

Complaining* – an emotional cancer habit People complain about their problems and challenges. I understand their feelings. My question is this, what good comes out of complaining? Nothing! Let me explain.  Complaining is an attempt to rationalize or justify one’s circumstances. Those who complain are putting their energy into convincing themselves and their listener that there is nothing they could do to change things for the better. Hogwash!  Initially it is easy to have compassion for complainers. However, you will find…

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I’m not getting old,  I’m just living!

I’m not getting old,  I’m just living! Isn’t there a sense of negativity when we talk about aging? As we are getting old they or we say: “Oh it’s a sign of aging or I’m having a senior moment.” Commonplace thinking projects that upon getting older it means life starts becoming limited. Limited mobility, limited funds, limited energy, limited hope, limited value to society, etc. Our society has minimized or marginalized the beauty of life’s accumulated experiences by summarizing or…

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WFC – Chiropractic releases news on Low back pain warns about ineffective treatments

Friday March 23, 2018 For immediate release. Contact for more information: Dr Richard Brown, WFC Secretary-General Email: WFC Calls For Focus On Conservative Spine Care As New Study Reveals Millions of People Harmed By Wrong Treatments For Low Back Pain. World Federation of Chiropractic President, Dr Espen Johannessen has called for greater utilization of chiropractic following the publication of a damning new study on low back pain treatments. Millions of people across the world are getting the wrong care…

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Happy New Year! 2018

Happy New Year! Let’s begin with a thoughtful healthy and fit mindset as we start into 2018. Sexy is the New Healthy! Better your best… It’s sort of cute how in the Philippines, when a person is thin, they refer to that as being “sexy” – not meaning what Westerners mean by that. So in that context a thin person, not an unhealthy type of thin person like anorexia, but a person with the right weight for their height, or…

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Chiropractic: A Valuable Healthcare Investment

Chiropractic: A Valuable Healthcare Investment Quality healthcare is never a cost but rather a valuable investment. When people in the Philippines seek top notch medical care they often feel they have to fly to Hong Kong or Singapore. Fortunately, Mabuhay Chiropractic Clinics has imported the quality USA doctors right here in Manila. If you liked this post, say thanks by sharing it! Follow…

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Chiropractic Wellness, general

Affordable Chiropractic – an investment for health

Chiropractic – an affordable investment for health Conventional Wisdom says that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” and nothing could be more true than an  affordable investment in chiropractic care. When people suffer from reoccurring health problems that keep coming back or from unexpected injuries that, if mismanaged, can become a lifelong problem? They are a crossroads. To the left is a conventional medical pathway where expenses are heavy on testing, diagnosing and only a small…

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Chiropractic Fitness Health

Sports and Chiropractic Care

Sports and Chiropractic Care Life is great when you can enjoy your favorite activities and sports is a common activity of interest for so many people. Unfortunately, there are times when these sports related activities cause you injury. As a result, either immediately or gradually – you’re unable to continue enjoying your sport because of injuries that did not heal. Sort of insult over injury. Nature has a great capacity for healing; however, there are times when interventions are necessary,…

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Children and Chiropractic Care

Children and Chiropractic Care Child development markers are critical for lifelong health and pediatricians are tasked to monitor children for abnormalities in development. Chiropractors perform a critical specialist role in spinal development such as scoliosis. There are severe deforming cases of scoliosis and there are functional cases. Chiropractic brings a depth of expertise that prevents the need for spinal surgery and provides true preventive health services for children. Spinal misalignments begin for most people during childhood. The active life of…

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